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Bridging the Gap between Product & User

What We Do


User guides

Online help

Knowledge bases

Policy manuals



Training manuals

Quick reference guides


Interactive web-based training

Instructional design

Course development


Instructional videos

Knowledge checks




Graphic design

Photo manipulation


Character design



UX/UI design

Process modelling

Our Process

Your vision and short- and long-term objectives are key to developing the right solutions for you and your employees, affiliates and customers. We work with you to define scope and direction by determining the actions needed to accomplish your goals.

We refine these actions by gaining further understanding of existing content, processes and procedures. Moving forward, we use an iterative approach to development so that our process remains flexible to changes.

Final production doesn’t mean the end. Company and customer feedback is as important as the development process. Knowing where to improve and making those improvements drives growth.

We accommodate your growing needs by continually working together to provide ongoing maintenance and management.

What We Deliver

User-Focused Content

Users and learners want easy-to-understand content that is accessible when and where they need it. We get to know your audience so we can convey information in clear, concise and user-focused language.

On-Target Solutions

We develop solutions to solve organizational needs and drive company success. By implementing effective practices, we keep you on target and focused on maximum results.

Effective Designs

When it comes to clarity, presentation is as important as content. We bring your content to life through intuitive navigation, relevant imagery and interactions. Your users and learners will enjoy the experience.

Consultative Approach

We partner with you and implement best-practice tools to create custom solutions for you. By working together toward a common goal, we bridge the gap between your vision and your audience.

Project Management and Business Analysis Consulting



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