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Documentation, eLearning & Design

Your Bridge to Success

How We Work

Your vision is our priority. We work closely with you to co-create solutions to guide your customers in choosing the path that’s right for them.

We can start from the ground up to create integrated solutions that evolve to fit your business objectives. Or, we can dive into existing systems and leverage our expert skills to advise you on the best strategies for communicating effectively with your audience.

What We Do

We use concise language, a unified voice, consistent style and effective design to bridge the gap between your content and your customers’ understanding of your content.

As technical writers, editors, instructional designers, eLearning developers, graphic designers and process modellers, we see the big picture and how all the individual pieces need to fit together to build an effective and valuable enterprise asset.


What We Deliver

User-Focused Content

Users and learners want easy-to-understand content that is accessible when and where they need it. We get to know your audience so we can convey information in clear, concise and user-focused language.

On-Target Solutions

We develop solutions to solve organizational needs and drive company success. By implementing effective practices, we keep you on target and focused on maximum results.

Effective Designs

When it comes to clarity, presentation is as important as content. We bring your content to life through intuitive navigation, relevant imagery and interactions. Your users and learners will enjoy the experience.

Consultative Approach

We partner with you and implement best-practice tools to create custom solutions for you. By working together toward a common goal, we bridge the gap between your vision and your audience.

Why Choose Us?

We are guided by five values that define our organization: collaboration, transparency, consistency, reliability and ethics. These values lead our daily interactions and our workplace culture.

Spreading knowledge through information development and management reinforces our purpose, and emphasizes the principles that have been at the heart of what we do since our inception.

Our values keep us accountable and honest in our relations with clients and partners. If you highly regard these values, Aivaz Consulting is the right choice for you.

About Us

What Our Clients Say

“I could not have asked for a better service – delivered more than expected – incredibly professional, detail oriented, very precise and always before the deadline. I will continue using Aivaz Consulting for our upcoming projects.”
Alex Azarnousch, President – Calgary Tutoring Centre
“We have been using the services of Aivaz Consulting for over a year. The service and professionalism that we have received are excellent…built our entire online documentation from scratch and is maintaining it as our platform evolves.”
Roby Baruch, CPO – Tipalti
“We’ve used Aivaz Consulting for various projects over the years. They really listened to what we needed and the final products were exactly what we wanted. We’ll definitely work with Aivaz Consulting again and recommend them to everyone."
Eni Bode-Harrison, Manager - AirCare Systems