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We Have Passion

At Aivaz Consulting, we’re always thrilled to go to work every day because we get to solve the biggest knowledge and learning problems for high-performing organizations. We’re truly committed to communicating your ideas using concise, logical messages designed to suit your target audiences.

As user-centred advocates, it pains us to see users struggle with navigating content and understanding how everything fits together in the bigger picture. Sending mixed messages and providing inaccurate or unreliable information can lead to a distorted professional image, which is risky for you and your bottom line. We reduce this risk by using concise and consistent language in a unified voice to deliver organized, on-the-mark content for your employees, affiliates and customers.

Our team of technical writers, editors, instructional designers, eLearning developers, graphic designers and process modellers can take on any project large or small to deliver the most professional and customized solutions possible. We love what we do!

We are guided by five values that define our organization: collaboration, transparency, consistency, reliability and ethics. These values lead our daily interactions and our workplace culture.

Aivaz Consulting

What Our Clients Say

“I could not have asked for a better service – delivered more than expected – incredibly professional, detail oriented, very precise and always before the deadline. I will continue using Aivaz Consulting for our upcoming projects.”
Alex Azarnousch, President – Calgary Tutoring Centre
“We have been using the services of Aivaz Consulting for over a year. The service and professionalism that we have received are excellent…built our entire online documentation from scratch and is maintaining it as our platform evolves.”
Roby Baruch, CPO – Tipalti
“We’ve used Aivaz Consulting for various projects over the years. They really listened to what we needed and the final products were exactly what we wanted. We’ll definitely work with Aivaz Consulting again and recommend them to everyone."
Eni Bode-Harrison, Manager - AirCare Systems